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Comprehensive Eye Exam vs. Vision Screening

Taking care of your eyes is so important, no matter your age! Every year, it’s a great idea to have a comprehensive eye exam with a certified Optometrist. Unfortunately, many people think that just getting their eyeglasses or contact lenses updated at their local optical shop is enough – but this isn’t the case. At a Vision Screening, you won’t get the same deep insight into your eye health that you would with a comprehensive exam. So, make sure to experience the full benefits of an eye exam each year for optimal eye health!

How Much Does A Vision Test Cost?

As a general guideline, if you spend $30 to $40 on an exam, you’re probably not getting the whole story. Even while the price can seem appealing, as with anything, you get what you pay for. These examinations will only test your vision and be able to tell you whether you need new contacts or glasses. Comparatively, comprehensive eye exams cover significantly more ground and reveal much more information.

What To Expect From A Comprehensive Eye Exam At Advanced Eye Doctors?

In contrast, a Comprehensive Eye Exam includes tests to determine whether you need new glasses as well as an examination of the eye’s real health. To determine whether you are at risk of developing any disorders that could affect your general visual and ocular health, medical records are checked and tests are performed. Tests to look for any indicators of eye diseases like glaucoma or macular degeneration, which have few or no symptoms until major damage has already taken place, are among the procedures done. When it comes to disorders like these, it’s critical to detect them early because if you don’t, your risk of suffering major vision loss rises sharply.

Your eyes can also reveal information about your general physical condition in addition to your eyes. The retina, cornea, blood vessels, and nerves are also examined for any indications that could point to the beginning of tumors, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes, among other conditions that can first be detected in the eyes, as part of a Comprehensive Eye Exam by your neighborhood optometrist in Palm Beach Gardens.

It’s crucial to understand that getting your prescription updated while you’re in the area doesn’t qualify as your annual exam, even though it’s not necessarily a negative thing. Visit a local eye doctor at least once a year to get the whole picture!